Edgewood Car Accident Lawyer


A car accident can leave you out of work for days or months. Even while you are recuperating at home or in the hospital, there are bills and essential expenses that need to be met. Your inability to work will hamper your earnings as well.

In such cases, you need the right representation from a reliable and experienced car accident attorney who will work hard to get you the rightful compensation. In the Edgewood, WA area select the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Stubbs to be your car accident lawyer.

When you want the best car accident lawyer, rely on Jonathan as he:

  • Will begin an immediate investigation
  • Is your personal advocate
  • Lets you focus on your physical recovery

As an experienced personal injury lawyer, he prides himself in his ability to fight for the legal rights of car accident victims. Choosing a competent car lawyer after you have been injured is the best decision you can make.

Edgewood Car Accident Attorney


When handling an accident, most people believe the first thing to do is contact their insurance company. However, contacting the right car accident attorney to ensure the protection of your rights is the first thing you need to do!

Instead of worrying about the initial cost of hiring a car accident attorney, you should worry about the consequences that the accident can cause in case of severe disability or worse.

Do not waste the first few days that are very important to the outcome of a case in deciding whether you should hire a car accident attorney or not.

In the Edgewood area trust us to be your car accident attorney and let us represent you so you receive the rightful compensation for:

  • Mounting medical bills
  • Daily expenses
  • Trauma
  • Being out of work

Edgewood Auto Accident Lawyer


We understand that a car accident can have devastating consequences in the life of any person. Therefore, choosing a competent Edgewood area lawyer after you have been injured is the best decision you can make.

Our top priority is to use our legal experience and expertise to speed up your recovery, pay your bills, and obtain compensation.

As your auto accident attorney, we are dedicated to easing the financial, physical, and emotional burdens of an unexpected injury. Through excellent legal representation, we help our clients earn the compensation they deserve.

Appoint us as your auto accident lawyer in Edgewood and be assured of the following:

  • Excellent representation
  • Years of investigative experience
  • Rightful compensation

In the Edgewood area call the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Stubbs at (253) 460-8216 to be your auto accident lawyer.