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If you have sustained personal injury of any sort, it can leave you out of work for several days, weeks or even months. This can make your financial status strained and cause even more stress.

To make personal injury claims, you will have to take the help of a reliable and reputed lawyer. Jonathan F. Stubbs is a well-known personal injury lawyer offering services for Parkland, WA residents. As an established and experienced personal injury attorney, we can help you win your rightful personal injury claims for cases of personal injury, including:

  • Work related injuries
  • Auto accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Injuries caused by defective products

With us as your personal injury lawyer in Parkland, you need not worry about a thing. You can trust us as your personal injury lawyer as we have been successfully winning cases for a long time.

Specializing in Personal Injury Claims in Parkland with Free Consultation


Despite the fact that there are hundreds of litigations being filed each day, not all of them get the verdict or settlement desired.

The inefficiency and inexperience of the law firm a person chooses can be a major reason for this. That's why you must choose a law firm that can provide you the right personal injury claims advice.

We specialize in personal injury claims settlement and have been providing services for Parkland residents for a long time. When you hire us to fight your case, we will follow the personal injury lawsuit process that includes:

  • Discussing the case with you
  • Gathering necessary documents
  • Working out the compensation
  • Fighting your case in court, if necessary

We will fight for your rightful personal injury claims when we are the law firm you choose for your case. We are thoroughly experienced and have fought several similar cases in the past.

Experienced Personal Injury Law and Litigation Lawyer for Parkland Residents


There might be several personal injury lawyer firms operating in Parkland. However, to ensure that you are getting the best services and the most support for your claim, you must do your research. You can choose our personal injury law firm to represent your case in Parkland as we:

  • Are experienced and established
  • Have skilled and trained injury lawyers
  • Offer honest advice
  • Work for your benefit

With us as your personal injury lawyer firm, you will not have to worry about how to find a lawyer.

Feel free to call Jonathan F. Stubbs at (253) 460-8216 for any type of personal injury coverage in Parkland.