Hands On Social Security Disability Lawyer Since 1987


As your social security disability lawyer, I will be your advocate in your battle against the government to secure your social security benefits.  Many claims for social security benefits require you to testify at a hearing before an administrative law judge in order to prove your entitlement. Therefore, you need an attorney with experience dealing with Social Security claims at all levels of adjudication.

I have successfully represented many clients on applications, claims, and on appeals since 1987 in order to get the benefits they deserve.  My success is due in part to:

  • Knowledge of medical terms, diagnoses, tests, and findings contained in medical records
  • Ability to get claims approved
  • Skills in crafting a strong case by strengthening medical information in your file since past denials

If you are having difficulty understanding how the disability application and appeals process works, we can help!

Call The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Stubbs for experienced legal representation at every stage of your claim, from the initial application through litigation if required. You can rely on me to work tirelessly on your behalf to secure your disability benefits.

Social Security Lawyer That Will Fight for Your Rights


Have you had a denial of benefits?

The entire process of applying for benefits can be frustrating.  Many claimants are denied benefits during the initial phases of the claim. My first recommendation as a social security disability lawyer is to never give up!  File your appeals and fight to the end!

If you retain me for an appeal and hearing I will:

  • Spend the time is needed to explain the process to you
  • Prepare your case and create a strong strategy to win
  • Request added evidence from medical providers to strengthen your case and submit new information to the social security administration
  • Make your legal arguments before the judge
  • Prepare you for testimony at the hearing
  • Conduct appropriate cross-examinations of medical and vocational experts that testify at your hearing

With years of experience and a past history of successes, I will fight for your rights knowing that we can win! Call me for legal representation.

Social Security Disability Cases Won with an Experienced Lawyer


Did you know that claimants win social security disability benefits more frequently when represented by an experienced lawyer than without?

It is in your best interest to retain a social security lawyer to help you prepare your application and conduct your appeal because both can be very intimidating. We are long-time advocates for people with disabilities and will work tirelessly on your behalf to secure your rights to benefits.

As an experienced lawyer, this is my recommendation for anyone seeking Social Security disability insurance benefits:

  • Let us be your advocate in securing the benefits you deserve
  • Never treat the initial denial as a final verdict - file a timely request for reconsideration or request for hearing
  • Let me handle your disability claim and help prove that you have a valid entitlement
  • Make sure that Social Security has all of your medical records that speak to your disabilities
  • Allow me and my staff to efficiently deal with the otherwise lengthy process - we will get you through it!

Call The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Stubbs to significantly increase your chances of winning your claim for social security benefits! 253-460-8216