Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney to Help Secure Entitled Compensation


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that as many as 5.3-million Americans have long-term need for assistance in performing daily living activities as a result of injuries to the head or traumatic injury of the brain.

If you have suffered a serious head-related injury causing a traumatic injury of the brain or a concussion, I am an injury attorney that may be able to help you secure fair compensation for your losses.

My efforts as a brain injury lawyer are focused on results for the long term, including but not limited to:

  • Partnering with high-level experts and professionals to get the facts and a full assessment of your TBI
  • Serving as a legal advocate that will assist in securing long-term care
  • Working tirelessly to achieve current and long-term compensation for injury-related losses
  • Presenting your case to an insurance adjuster or defense attorney, as necessary
  • Presenting a case to a jury in a trial when settlement discussions are unsuccessful
  • Maximizing the economic as well as non-economic damages you might receive

Call The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Stubbs, a head injury lawyer that will stand up to big insurance companies to support your lifetime care plan or future medical needs.

Head Injury Lawyer Experienced in Brain Injury Cases


As an injury lawyer, I know that brain-related injury cases can be complicated.  We have the knowledge to fight for your rights against insurance companies to recover the compensation you deserve.

Because of the complexities of the issues surrounding these cases, it is vital to retain an experienced brain injury attorney that has a network of high-level medical professionals available for consultation and fact-finding.

This is what you can expect from me as your brain injury attorney:

  • I will identify those who played a role in your injury
  • I will conduct an investigation to prove the full extent of your injury and losses
  • I will help determine your long-term care needs following release from the hospital by consulting with your medical providers
  • I will seek to hold the negligent party accountable

Call to schedule a free initial consultation with a brain injury attorney that has a history of successful outcomes in handling and negotiating cases involving brain injuries. 

A Brain Injury Attorney That Will Protect Your Rights


As a skilled injury attorney, I have a strong working knowledge of the medical field that is essential in providing a strong basis for fully protecting the legal rights of my clients that have suffered serious brain-related injuries.

If you have suffered a traumatic injury (TBI) as a result of negligence on the part of another, you can call on my skills and experience as a head injury lawyer to:

  • Work tirelessly on your behalf to protect your rights
  • Identify and demand compensation for near-term and long-term treatment
  • Take on the insurance companies while you focus on healing

Call The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Stubbs, a personal injury lawyer who provides aggressive legal representation for victims of traumatic injuries to the brain. 253-460-8216