Fircrest Truck Accident


The fallouts of an accident involving an 18-wheeler truck are usually serious and, sometimes, even fatal. In the USA, thousands of large and semi truck crash incidents happen every year. The federal law gives innocent victims of truck accidents the right to claim compensation from the negligent person/party.

Jonathan F. Stubbs, Attorney at Law, offers the services of a truck accident lawyer in Fircrest, WA and its surrounding areas to help truck crash victims enforce their rights. If you are one of these sufferers in the Fircrest area, contact us.

To win a fair compensation, you need our Fircrest truck accident attorney by your side to do the following on your behalf:

  • Research and investigate the accident
  • Develop the case
  • Negotiate for a settlement
  • Advocate and litigate in the court

Let Jonathan F. Stubbs, Attorney at Law, be your first choice when you need the assistance of a truck accident lawyer in Fircrest. Call (253) 460-8216.

Fircrest Truck Crash


Though the laws governing truck crash claims in Fircrest are quite similar to car accident cases, hiring an experienced, specialist truck accident lawyer in Fircrest can be difference between the success and dismissal of your compensation claim in Fircrest.

Hire us and have complete peace of mind from working with a personal injury lawyer in the Fircrest area who knows how to prepare and win cases resulting from truck crashes in Fircrest or elsewhere.

We understand how essential it is to get hold of logbooks, GPS systems, etc. to find crucial information that can help prove fault for the truck crash whether in Fircrest or elsewhere. This includes the details about the driver such as:

  • Amount of training
  • Number of runs undertaken
  • Had proper sleep or not
  • Detours made or truck problems along the way
  • Speed of the truck
  • Proper maintenance of the vehicle

If you get injured in a truck crash in Fircrest, call Jonathan F. Stubbs, Attorney at Law, at (253) 460-8216.

Fircrest Truck Accident Lawyer


The challenge in fighting for truck crash claims in Fircrest or elsewhere is that the victim usually has to deal with big companies whose attorneys try aggressively to shift the blame from their own company/driver to the victim or another third party.

You will not get intimidated by such things if you choose us as your semi truck accident lawyer in the Fircrest area. Instead we save the day for you through:

  • Sound, unbiased advice
  • Early and detailed action
  • Powerful representation
  • Honest fight for justice

Jonathan F. Stubbs, Attorney at Law, is the name to rely on for the services of a truck accident lawyer in the Fircrest area. Call (253) 460-8216.